Friday, March 15, 2013

Wise Ramblings: The Art of Janin Wise

So I took a small break from making art.  It's been a month and I'm ready to get back into it (:

To get started, I decided to list several of my original pieces for sale.  They are from my 30 paintings in 30 days series and my One Billion Rising series.

I've also made a slew of new hair sticks.

AND I've decided to start taking commissions!

Here's my first 'commercial' (:

Take a look through the galleries and let me know if anything strikes your fancy or if it gives you an idea of what you would like (:

Monday, March 11, 2013

Touching Moments of Perfect Clarity

Today, while browsing on facebook, I was given the opportunity to explore one of my favorite things about the site (outside of keeping up with friends from so many different times and places of my life):  Favorite Quotes.

See, today, I had to opportunity to add two news ones to my list!

I like this image that showed up in my news feed right after I decided to start this post, because I count my friends among the greatest blessings (:

I'm about to share with you some of my favorite quotes that I have been blessed to experience over the last 4 years where people I know have found the perfect words:

 "Why is it that I am a poet when I am lying in bed before I fall asleep at night; I am full of wit when I am washing my hair; my arguments are at their most shrewd when I am behind the wheel of my car? The colors of my life are vivid and varied...full of sorrows, triumphs, frustrations and joys...and yet somehow I only find the clarity to express it when I am nowhere near a computer, smartphone, pen or paper!"  --Jenny Steiner Meisinger

"You want me to be a baby again, but I can't. I want to be Hello Kitty, but I can't. I can only be me, Mama." -Emma Grace Luna

Zhara Um Nikko,  "Halfway through the workday, he'd get up from his desk and head to the classroom.

"I'm off to stamp out ignorance." He'd say in a heroic, but resigned voice. The image will forever be etched in my mind - one man, with a couple of books, single-handedly taking on the greatest evil on this planet."

Monica Miller, in reference to lemon squares are not the same thing as lemon cake squares: "This is the second time I have heard this statement made this week. Weird synchronicity. Whichever version the person here had (maybe he had your lemon cake squares instead?) were not to his liking, either, but he decided that if he pretended that it was the apocalypse, they weren't bad for apocalyptic dessert. This led to the realization that if you add "apocalyptic" to the title of something, it automatically makes it better."

Kasey Songy Bealer, "You never realize the destructive capabilities of a toddler until you try to take a hot shower or go to the bathroom alone! Sigh..."

Ryan Butler , "So I was just in 7-11 when a song came on. I wouldn't have heard it if it was just one person, but everyone in there (including the guy behind the counter) was singing under their voice "Just a small town in a lonely world". If it is politics or religion that separate us, it's Journey that brings us together."

Cory McDaniel : "Do not sit idly by, do not remain neutral. There is a war going on for your mind. If you are thinking, you are winning."

 Kayla LeMaire : "That thing that calls to your soul...that puts butterflies in your stomach and makes your mind go wild with visions of possibility and beauty....that thing that makes your heart soar and feel connected to everything in the Universe. That thing that makes you feel bigger than your skin. Yeah, that thing. Listen to it."

"Sometimes the problem that infuriates us the most is the problem we were born to solve." Carin Link Wilson

"After hearing my kid tell the same tale I once told my mother, I've come to the conclusion that "normal" kids who pick on another for being "weird" can't stand seeing what they can't have: the freedom and boldness to live an interesting and strange life."-- Audrey Rentz Epple

"I can control variety, and since variety is the spice of life, I can control the spice. And since he who controls the spice controls the universe, some damned things are gonna change around here!" Shannon Nae Nae Murdock

Shelli Babin Bokash , "In this beautiful, precious moment, is soothing and cuddling a warm, whimpering, helpless tiny life in her arms, which sweetly, sincerely and with a still completeness, absolutely crystallizes in clarification that part of her life's purpose which is Mother."

Laura West , "It's only as bad as you can imagine it. Because what you imagine is what it will be. Sending out hopes to all my loved ones that they're making an effort to let their imagination be beautiful and as amazing as they are."

Mike Boyd , "Out-of-the-closet sesquipedalianist. Word to your matriarch."

"Owling or planking on a mailbox should be the last thing on your list of things that need to be accomplished in your life. lying face down in traffic is a lazy mans parkour... nuff sed." -- Kawehi Kanoho-Kalahiki

Sarah C Thompson , "Sometimes I still picture garbage trucks as monsters eating the sacrifices left at our door while we cower inside and hear them roar."

 Hank T Cannon , "I am a geek. The Internet is my poorly organized external memory device."

Becki Franklin , "More signs of the times (in that depressingly downward spiral vein). On the back of a packet of salted nuts it says, "Warning may contain nuts". Sigh, well I would be pretty disappointed if I opened it up and a sock fell out."

I am blessed, pleased and amazed at the beautiful, thoughtful, kind, funny, wonderful and insightful things my friends have sometimes said over the past four years, and look forward to many more opportunities to tell them, "You've just made it into my favorite quotes."  (: