Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kid + 1 = Fun Cold Porcelain

Today at Studio 116, we read Spotted Yellow Frogs by Matthew Van Fleet.
It's a fun little romp, all about patterns, shapes and critters.  The absolutely most impressive part was our young artist paying attention and being able to identify all the shapes:  pyramid, cube, block, cylinder, wedge, cone, ball and ring, as well as most of the critters!

Then we moved into the artwork portion of Kids + 1 = Fun.

We've done a lot of two dimension stuff in the past so we worked in three dimensional for a change (:

Welcome to cold porcelain!

It's a mixture of cornstarch, baby oil and white glue with a touch of lemon.  Then you put lotions on your hands and surface when working with it to add the required glycerin to it and help prevent sticking.

We using it instead of polymer clay for two reasons: 1. It's air dry.  and 2.  It's not toxic.

First lesson of the day:  If you're going to use markers to color your cold porcelain, don't put the lotion on your hands first or have someone else available to open them (;

After you put the color you want on the portion you're working on, knead it to mix the color in.  You can mix colors, so it's also a fun experiment in color theory.

We started with making butterflies:

I love all the colors we made!

My favorite part was when our young artist, as she worked the color into the cold porcelain, quipped, "Look!  It's "warm" porcelain now!" (:

A snail and green cow joined the flock of critters,

As did a pink piggy/rabbit.

 One of the butterflies

And experimenting in colors.  We discovered that if you have a color, then add another color but don't knead it too much, you end up with a pretty marbled effect.

Soon, we had a narwhal, and a trihorn bull (:

And a quick discussion that these sticks had been marked to look like bamboo...but weren't.

 In the end, we had a lot of fun and a small plethora of critters, as well as a lovely colored rainbow (:

Next weekend is Troy Art Fest!

Some of my artwork will be for sale at the Studio 116 tent and we'll also have a tie-dyed t-shirt activity for kids, so stop by and visit us and we look forward to seeing you there!  You'll also have the opportunity to sign up for next month's Kid + 1 = Fun, where we're going to focus on paper craft and making 3-D flowers to celebrate spring (: