Saturday, July 20, 2013

Louise Nevelson and Scrumbly Orange: Kids + 1 = Fun

Today at Studio 116, we took a page from Louise Nevelson and recycled found objects into sculptures.  As well as painting the ceramics that were bisqued from last month.  A couple of young enthusiastic artists embraced and enjoyed sculpting and painting at Studio 116 for Kids + 1 = Fun (:

Painting their ceramic creations from last month:

Getting to watercolor their pinch pots.

We got to have discussions about why the clay was soft and gray when they shaped and hold the kiln changed them (:

Showing off her painted comet (:
Painting her people and their boat.  They're going on a fishing trip.
So 1.  I love the color she's made.  And 2. As she did she said, "It's a scrumbly orange that makes me happy!"

And here are their sculptures:

They made three.  We set them against the orange background to show them off and took pictures of them from different angles.

 And the artists with all 3 finished pieces:

All in all, they had a fantastic time at studio 116 today (: