Sunday, January 12, 2014

Armored House Cats and Water Tigers

Last night, I dreamed that we moved to the desert. We had an incredible single story concrete circular home built. It was kind of like a cave with all interconnecting rooms and an inner courtyard at the center that could be passed through to enter any of them.

I dreamed that we were showing our house to my in laws who had come to visit. You could push a button on the couch and it would serve up a goblet of the water of life. We served one to grandmother and it came up icy cold. She only took a sip. She didn't like it. And in my dream, she passed away. She should have drunk more, but she no longer found pleasure in the things of life. 

Then a very young Father Time came to visit, perhaps in his late teens to early twenties. We were going to serve him up some water of life, but it came up hot and my husband realized it was meant for him, so he drank it. Suddenly we were host to a Hawaiian goddess who called my boys and I her own and Father Time took her through a quick tour of our house. 

My cat was climbing and playing through out the room and when she finally settled beside me, I reached down to pet her but her hide was hard like leather, not her soft soft fur and when I glanced at her, for a moment, I thought she might be dead. There was a cut out in her side with her dried intestines clearly visible and ants and beetles walking around with in her cavity, but I realized that although her insides were visible they were also covered in this protective leather armor and I could see her heart beating.  I gently reached in to shoe the bugs along, but this woke up my kitty and she leaned over, lucked to clean herself and ate all the bugs.

Just then, the goddess and Father Time came back around to the living room talking about how they loved the construction of our home (and I realized that although I intellectually understood the layout, I had not actually been through the rest of the house). I thanked them for their visit and they vanished. They were both very busy entities, but they thanked us for hosting them. 

I went to my bedroom to change my clothes and realized my bra was from a company called chocolate quake. I noticed and wanted to remember this because it was the most comfortable bra I've ever worn and I wanted to get more of them. 

Then we went to visit my sister who lived on the top floor of a concrete condo here in the desert. They had been away for several months and had just gotten home themselves and she was in the middle of re-installing her water tiger. It had been stored in stasis at the vet under water for almost eleven months and was being reintroduced to its home pool.  

It rolled out of the automatic mechanical tank, barely making a splash. There were three long wires that hung over and slightly in the pool that the tiger would climb and walk like a tight rope bridge when it was time to eat. They fed it dog food and suddenly it gave birth to four water tiger kittens and my sister was trying to talk me into taking one because they were worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, but I said we already has a playful armored-dillo cat at home. Then my real cat woke me up with fierce purring and insistence on being pet. I have to admit, I much prefer her soft, furry, intact reality.

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