Sunday, January 5, 2014

First Dream of 2014

Last night I dreamed that we were in a desert where a sentient plant used cactus spores and needles to gather information. I was new to the area and they rained down on me and I plucked the little barbs from my skin, surprised because I can still remember removing real cactus barbs, so thin they were like silk, from my fingers as a child and how painful it was. 

I asked a local desert tribal person about them, as I noticed more barbs sticking from my breast and a strange little pimple just above my heart. I gently squeezed it, and a shower of barbs shot forth like an exploding zit, raining upwards harmlessly from my heart. Whom ever I was asking informed me that for their people, to be rained upon by the desert barbs was incredibly painful and many did not survive. And that the decorative scarring that marked their elders were from repeated exposures. But that clearly, my heart either was free of secrets, or because I was a stranger to these lands, the sentient cactus could not read and understand mine and so the needles fled my skin. 

Then, I was at a video arcade/ under ground coal mine survival hatch/ research facility with my children. We had to compete in a series of parkour type runs. But the facility would cheat. Sometimes, your assigned course would cut off and you couldn't reach out to activate your final button. I was currently viewing the run from the perspective of my oldest son, competing against me. (I had already viewed this race from my perspective, and it was a bit of a whirl wind at the end, so I wanted to see how it had turned out that I had won when I hadn't pushed my button.) 

It turns out that from his perspective, the course had cheated him. The last wall ramp section had been removed on his side and there was no final button for him. He could see me across the cavern making my way to the long ramp he had already climbed, and so he threw himself across the impossibly wide gap, catching my final hand hold where his was not, and pushing my button to show that he had still won. I was proud of him, though the facility was not pleased at his cleverness.

Suddenly, I was back to my perspective, and I watched as my sons played the final level which I watched play out on a monitor in front of me like a video game. There was nothing outside of that handheld, my focus was entirely on it.

It was a war of rats that glossed the screen attacking each other with swords. First it was one or two, then half a dozen each, then hundreds, thousands, millions, swarming the screen as though trapped behind the glass, rending each other...or implied rending each other, as it was apparently a "G" rated game so you didn't see any blood or gore. At that point, I realized that I had a button I could push to limit and reduce the winning number of rats to eight and end this round. I pushed it and the game immediately ended, then I woke up.

Decided that for 2014, I'll do quick sketches for my dreams, so here's the first dream sketch of 2014 (:

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