Saturday, January 18, 2014

Pay It Forward 2013 # 3: Emma Watson

So my third pay it forward for 2013 is for my friend Andrew.  He's a very laid back graphic designer.  Kind of bohemian.  And my original idea was going to be a very hippie combination of tie-dye, ukuleles and his dogs.  Fortunately for all of us, he happened to post a status on facebook last week asking about how one goes about dating a celebrity.  After many a delightfully entertaining series of suggestions from his friends, it was revealed that he has a bit of a celebrity crush on Ms. Emma Watson.

The part of this piece that took the absolute longest was finding the original source to give credit for the photograph I used to work from.  This picture is -everywhere-.  And it took going to Ms. Watson's page directly to find my source.  All of this to say, the amazing original photograph that inspired this piece is the work of photographer Andrea Carter-Bowman.

Until he works his way through all those suggestions, this piece is as close as I can get to introducing him to Ms. Watson (;

"Emma Watson"  9" x 12" acrylic and prisma color on acrylic paper.

Prints available here.


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