Sunday, January 12, 2014

Pay It Forward 2013

Since 2010, I've participated in the creative pay it forward.  You've probably seen them in your friend's statuses on facebook, but if not, it looks something like this:  "I will make something handmade for the first five people who respond to this, but I decide what it is and I'll send it in a year. The catch is that you have to post it in your status and make something for the first five people who respond to yours. It doesn't have to be art-- it can food or whatever, but you have to make it for that person."

You're probably thinking, "But Janin...It's 2014..."  Yes, yes.  I know.  But I've always added the caveat that I have until the beginning of February of the next year so for me, I'm right on time (;

For 2013, my youngest sister was one of the first responders.

So I decided to draw her a family portrait:

I'll get it out in the mail to her tomorrow.  I hope she likes it!

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