Thursday, January 23, 2014

The first art dream of 2014

Ever since I was a kid, I would periodically have an art dream.  An idea that would burn itself into my waking mind.  These were incredibly frustrating as a kid because I knew without a doubt that I didn't possess the skills to make them real (not that's ever stopped me from trying).

Since growing up (and taking art classes), I've let me dreams inspire all sorts of art.  Though every now and then, I still have a dream I'm fairly certain I don't yet have the skill to make real.

Last night, I dreamed that I worked in an artist's commune.  Someone was letting their toddler run about, but not really paying their offspring any attention.  I gave him a clear milky plastic soda bottle full of water to play with and drink, as he was clearly thirsty.

Soda bottles were plentiful in the studio.  They were my primary media of choice.  I had discovered a way to paint with acrylic inside the bottle and build up the layers until there were small acrylic sculptures contained within the bottles, best viewed through the opening, as the sides were intentionally opaque.

The finished pieces could be filled with liquid and drunk from, revealing the sculpture within, or your could keep it empty.  It was a lot like looking through an incredible kaleidoscope.

As I was working my way through the base layers, building the colors contained within my current piece, the toddler had finished drinking his water and was exclaiming in wonder as he revealed the piece I'd finished within in.  He tapped my arm and wanted to show me.  Instead of telling him I already knew what was in it (after all, I'd made it), I gave him my full attention and looked when he wanted to share what he found so awesome with me.

And it really was.  Maybe it was seeing it through the excitement of his eyes.  Maybe it was because until I looked, I did't actually know what was in the bottle.  But when I did, It was brilliantly colored in blues, bright yellows, greens, with splashes of orange and purple, a peacock in the center and the colors fading out to the hazy white edges.

I woke up this morning knowing that this would take longer than a sketch.  It won't be a bottle with a fantastic layered sculpture within, but it's as close to capturing the feel of that piece as I can get in 2 dimensions and a single evening (:

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