Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Where Old Muppets Go To Count

Last night, I dreamed that the world was dark.  I stumbled with four companions I never really got to see, into what seemed like a small utility closet.

Inside, it was much like a gym locker room with long lockers in a row.  We found flashlights and candles and looked inside the lockers, discovering that we had stumbled upon a class B muppet retirement home.  Inside most of the lockers were muppet fruit and vegetables, a couple of muppet teeth, some of the secondary rats that never got a name, and the same for some of the background chickens that used to hang out with Camilla.

But in one locker, all by himself in the dark, was The Count.  He was the only muppet there who actually looked like he belonged in a retirement home.  He was largely balding, with orange sun spots and his hair, what was left of it, was a crazy shock of white.  Clearly he was suffering Alzheimer's.

Somehow, the conversation turned to vampires and so we decided to lay the lockers down, carefully clearing the muppets out of them, and using them and shadows to tell the stories of all the different kinds of vampires.  He laughed at the sparkly ones and thought that clever.  He recognized himself and joined in on the counting of all the fruits and vegetables, complete with his signature "Ah-ah-ha!" and lightning crashed.  But introducing him to the original concept of Dracula and "I vant to suck your blood!" agitated him and he started yelling that vampires would never do such a thing, and that pretty much brought an end to the vampires shadow muppet stories, as most of them include blood sucking.

So we'd reach a 'Now what?' moment.  You could almost hear the crickets starting to chirp....though that may have been a muppet cricket, now that I think back on it, as the candles started to burn down and the darkness started to come back.

We weren't afraid, we'd spent a lot of time of time in the dark and enjoyed this respite.  But now we had to decide-- do we continue moving on?  Do we try to take the muppets with us?  Do we leave them here, forgotten in their lockers?  Do we stay with them?  No one had any suggestions.  None of us felt strongly in any direction.  It's not like we were fleeing from anything or trying to hide from anything.  It's just that light had become a seriously rare thing.  It was literally a world marked by darkness.  And here had been a brief moment of light and laughter and wonder.

Fortunately, my alarm clock woke me up before the lack of conversation and silence could become overwhelming.  Darkness tends to breed silence. At least in this dream.

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