Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fever Dreaming

So the upshot of being home asleep all day is some incredible fever dreaming.

Clearly, working on my ganjifa cards have been on my mind as I was designing them in my sleep for a portion of the night.  But around dreaming about drawing circles for the hand painted ones I'm planning, I also dreamed about traveling through fantastic jungles.  It's as close to South and Central America as I'm ever likely to get.

There were lush elephant leaves and such fantastic shades of green.  And then I was in a small community and a teenager.  They had a brilliant teacher who had a portable school room she moved around on a little wagon, for teaching gifted and talented children.  I wanted into the program.  And she let me enter.  It was a single room, perhaps 12 foot by 12 foot and like a room of requirement, it changed depending on what was being practiced/ experimented.  I entered just as a young man who didn't speak English was working on a new source of energy that created no waste of any kind, but was contained/ diminished by a web of electricity.  It created a beautiful, if small, brilliant blue light that floated within the center, but would quickly flicker out.  We understood each other, though I knew we were not speaking the same language.  I suggested he use copper tubes to help sustain it.  Time flashed quickly and we got it working.  As much as I enjoyed the science, I loved the history and languages section of class.  We visited actual sites across the country.

And then one day, I was no longer the student.  I had grown up and was a teacher with my own classroom on a wagon.  And we were having a reunion of all the students ever.  My husband was there, as were both of my kids.  And it was like what I imagine summer camp must be like.  A whole lot of kids playing in the river and riding natural mud slides.  And grown ups getting to do the same thing like we were kids as well.  My favorite was the mud slides.  We just zipped through the jungle at incredibly fast speeds and would sploosh into the river at the end.

I stood on the bank in the bright comforting warm sun drying off in its rays as I watched my children and husband wrestling on the bank and then wrestling in the water.  If I were awake and at home, I knew that I would fuss at them to be careful.  But I recognized that I was dreaming and it's not like they were going to crash into the couch or hit their heads on the bookshelf.  They had plenty of room and were only playing with each other...and it was a dream.

And with that realization, I woke up.

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