Saturday, February 1, 2014

Rainbow Owl

So yesterday, the hoax of the Rainbow Owl was making very tongue in cheek rounds through my facebook news feed.  I adored the part about the Disco Squad and "The Hustle" so much, I searched youtube for this wonderful bit:

Because really, that's a fantastic song that needs a comeback!

And as I was just waking this morning, I had a mental image that followed me into waking of a Rainbow Owl getting his groove on, complete with the above earworm greeting me as I opened my eyes to start my day.  So I decided to create a bit for this remnant of a dream:

And what I learned from this wee experiment is that I do NOT like acrylic paper for mixed media!  The surface is treated with a shiny bit that absolutely will not take colored pencil (unless you've already painted over the white, and even then, not very well).  So I improvised with sharpie.  I'm not a big marker user, so as experimenting goes, it's not terrible, but it's not great. Fortunately, it's more about experimenting and capturing the snippet I had in mind when I awoke, but I'll clearly have to do more experimenting to get any proficiency with this medium.

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