Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Returning to School, A Dream

I often dream of going back to College.  I've already completed my bachelor's so I anticipate this is my mind saying it would be nice to go get my Masters.

The most interesting thing is that when I dream about going back to school, it's implied that it's my first University, Scholars College at NSU in Natchitoches, Louisiana, but it's not actually that campus.  I've been back.  I've seen it.

Instead, in my dreams, it's always a conglomeration of buildings from all the schools I ever attended.  Most days, as in this dream, I'm walking past my High School art building, where I know I'll be taking most of my classes, on the way to the dorms to move in for the first time.

In this dream, the old Scholar's dorm Boozman exists, but it's been reimagined as a single story.  And it's turned sideways.  In reality, I know that the building was torn down years ago.  I have a small bit of the decorative brick tending flowers in my front yard.

In my dream, the new dorm I would be moving into was called Murder Hall.  As I was approaching the building, I could see it, but once I reached it's location, there was no building there.  Two girls were sitting beneath a huge oak tree visiting and I asked them if they could direct me to Murder Hall.  One of them got up and walked me to a burned line in the grass not 15 feet away that you could see were mirrored on the otherside of a building length space.  She told me you have to straddle the line in order to see and enter the building.  And once I did, Murder Hall appeared.

It astonished me because in looking for the building, I had walked right through it on my way to the ladies and the trees.

I passed through the sliding doors.  Two girls sat behind the sliding glass door at the main window.  I walked up to check in.  Gave them my name.  As one of them typed it up, the other asked if I had the assignment form I'd received in the mail.  As I told her I hadn't brought it with me because it hadn't said it was needed, the other girl found my name and room assignment.

We headed down the long hall where the guys would be staying and I mused, as there was no elevator, that in order to be ada compatible, that would mean that a handicapped girl would need to live in the guys section of the dorm.

We went through the door to the other end, and up the stairs.  They were wider and covered in green velvet.  She was telling me the stairs were so much wider than old Boozman Hall, not that she would have known anything about them.  I didn't correct her.  The velvet was slippery and I was thankful I wasn't trying to bring anything up them with me.  As we reached the third floor, and she opened the door, I knew it was a dream and woke up.

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