Tuesday, March 18, 2014

100 Days of Happy - Day 10

AKA:  Janin Wise and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad St. Patrick's Day.

Okay, so just a side note, but not every day is rainbows and butterflies.  Particularly when it's raining off and on all day, my cell phone is toast, still working my way through the ick, because of the ick I'm not up for making my traditional St. Patrick's Day fare, and I'm more than ready to head to bed.

 So what I've learned today is that sometimes, I'm really going to have to look for that moment of happy...and it's a lot harder to capture when it happens without a cellphone directly on hand.

...But Janin....that's not possibly a day of happy photo, right?  Well... yes and no.  You see, that's my cellphone, taker of most daily pictures, and right now, it can't even serve it's intended purpose.  THAT is a picture of how Day 10 felt:  terrible, horrible, no good, and very bad.

But here's the thing, even with a busted up phone--I still had access to a land line where I could call the folks who need me or they could call me.  And after a bit of frustration in getting the process started, I'll be getting a replacement for that sad, sad phone very quickly.  And it gave me the opportunity to purchase a case for the new one so this doesn't happen again.  And -that- case is going to be featuring some of my own artwork.  And I totally went to bed early, feeling all down and crummy (that's why this post is being finished up the morning of Day 11).

 But as I lay there getting ready to take my recovering ick to sleep, my youngest son came in and asked to snuggle.  And I asked him how his day was and it had been great!

I asked him what his favorite part was an he said, "All of it, Mom!  It was a really great day....but if I had to choose something, it would be....cake, and soda, and you!"  And that made me feel so loved!  And at the end of our talking, we told each other I love you and he let his brother know he could come snuggle me as well.

And my oldest had had a great day as well.  His favorite part was playing with the lego robotics in tag.  And then he asked me about my day and I told him it wasn't very good.  And that I was sad that I didn't get to make my St. Patrick's Day goodies.  And he snuggled close and said, "Well then we'll just have to have a make up day for it, Mom!  When you feel better, we can celebrate St. Patrick's Day then."  And that made me feel so loved!  And at the end of our talking, we also told each other I love you and he headed off to bed.

As I lay there smiling, I realized that I my moments of happy in an otherwise not very good day had found me.  There isn't a picture for it.  Just the words and the memory.  And I sure do love my boys.

...And if you haven't read "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" by Judith Viorst, you should (;

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