Wednesday, March 19, 2014

100 Days of Happy - Day 11

I always forget how thankful I am to be well until I start feeling well after being ick.  And (in my best Madmartigan) I feel better!  (:

For day twelve,  my documentable moment of happy came from yoga class at Mesuva Studios.
My mother in law, sister in law, and I have been going to the Tuesday night Mudra and Meditation for the last three weeks.   Melissa,  the instructor is incredibly laid back and the class is about making friends, not just doing yoga.

She's got this lovely flowering tree in the front yard,  happily announcing to the world that spring is here in beautiful colors and sweet scents.

All in all,  we had a lovely practice and a full class.

And in the middle of class,  I looked down and spotted this crescent moon on my foot.   It want there when I got there and it does just brush off. 

It could be some thing on my mat that came off at exactly the right time (my youngest theorizes that I was sleep walking and got a permanent marker and couldn't stop myself from drawing on me) but I like to imagine it was the universe reminding me to look at the stars.  

And as we left the studio, and as we got home,  I saw my old friend Orion standing guard in the night sky watching over us, surrounded by a lovely smattering of stars I also appreciate but know less personally.

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