Monday, March 10, 2014

100 Days of Happy, Day 3

There were several moments today that made me happy.  But at my day job, there are things I can't take pictures of for privacy issues.  And I love working with my coworkers (:  There's hardly a day that goes by that we don't find a moment to laugh.

And I got to see the first signs of spring as I was driving home.  All sorts of trees are starting to bloom!  But I was driving.

And I absolutely adore when Pharrell Williams song Happy comes on over the radio.  (Fortunately, I'm terrible at selfies (No, seriously.  My husband and sons have taken to taking my phone away from me to take a picture of me for me because I -that- bad at selfies) so I've yet to capture myself happily muppet dancing along.)

And just before the boys bedtime, I demonstrated running on the balls of your feet by taking off like a mad woman in a couple of circuits through the house, stirring the critters up to join in the one woman wild goose chase.  Fortunately, my husband and son were too stunned and laughing to capture my caper on anything resembling film, but it sure was FUN (:

So instead, I took a picture of what made me happy first today, bright and early this morning before I even left the house:

I got to wear one of my favorite pair of earrings today (:

1.  They are simply and absolutely beautiful!
2.  They make me feel the same way (:
3.  Kitty!
and 4.  They remind me of how I got them:  They were a gift from one of our first artists as Studio 116 in Brundidge was opening a year and a half ago when I did my internship.

I've since bought 3 other pairs of earrings from the same artist because I just love his work (and I have a small obsession with earrings).

So what did I learn today?  Finding the moments of happy is probably going to be easy.  Finding moments of happy that can be documented with a camera is going to be the challenge part of this 100 days challenge (;

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