Wednesday, March 12, 2014

100 Days of Happy-Day 5

Today, my honey came to visit me and we had a lunch date (:  He took me to Beef O'Bradey's in Dothan.  (Side note, the food is -incredible-!  If you get a chance, go there.  Totally worth it.)

Shortly after we were seated, our server walked over to get our drink order and leaned in really close to look at my earrings.  She asked me the type of bird and I told her they were owls.  She told me they were lovely and I said, "Thank you!  It's my art (: "

And then she asked for my card.  I could totally have kicked myself right then because when I headed out to lunch, I didn't bring my purse.  I didn't have them on me!

But she asked me to write down my websites, and that, I could do (:

THEN, (cheering! Definitely cheering!) she had each of the other servers coming over to see them as well (:

So my honey actually took my Day 5 photo for (and of) me:

On an aside, if you would like a pair of the earrings, you can get them here.

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