Thursday, April 3, 2014

#100 days of Happy (The Missing Days)

Fear not!  I've been keeping up with my 100 days of Happy!  But not all of them warranted their very own blog.  So here are the missing ones (so far).

Day 13 (: My sweet Patches let me (insisted on) love on her (:

Day 14:

Day 15:  wherein our heroine was worried she was going to break her "two new pieces a week" trend going to MidWest Con.... and didn't (: It's been an incredible day of making things (:

Day 16: where happiness is a full belly and cheerfully warm toes (:

Day 17:  Where happiness is NOT getting a new pet turtle! (While we were away at Con, a friend of the boys found a turtle in the woods and his dad wouldn't let his son keep it and ended up sending it home with my youngest.) Both the turtle and I are quite happy to be releasing it -back- into the woods.

Day 19:  (Okay, it's an iffy photo of a great moment.) I pulled up from a frustrating drive home, and my big girl Maggie came bounding up to the gate all excited to see me, (debris of my children playing between us) and her delight that I was home made it all better. (:

Day 20:  The weather was lovely and I took a moment to see what all was growing in the yard (:

Day 21:  Getting to have lunch with my guys on this rainy day (:

Day 22: My oldest wanted one of my designs on a pull over and it came in today, as well as my honey's Ogre game. We love our mail carrier (:

Day 23:  Today I got to see a lovely shade of sky-blue-pink on my way home for the evening (:

Day 24:  Today, I went around the day job -Twice- (: Lovely weather, up and down 4 flights of stairs, a chance to wear my tenny runners with a black velvet dress, and a moment to see -all- the businesses in the building (:

Day 25:  Today, I am happy to have critters that are happy to see me when I come home, extended family close enough to visit and do yoga with, children who give the bestest hugs, Sesame Street bandaids, espadrilles, and my new Girl Genius t-shirt (:

Day 26:  Thanks to the recent rash of Ronald McDonald Taco Bell commercial (which I find incredibly funny, btw) I drove home with a powerful craving for a grilled stuffed nacho. Now I gets to eats it! Nom!

Day 27:  Today, I was surprised by how well the azaleas survived last week's freeze and took comfort in snory puppy dreams.

So I'm going to take a brief moment here and cheer to completing 1/4 of this challenge so far (:

Here's to the next 3/4!

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