Friday, April 4, 2014


by Janin Wise

I like to keep my offspring unbalanced
as we walk this high wire of parenting together.
It's a beautiful view, mind, 
but we're all dangling 
so very free in the air
and it's a long rope we've got before us.

Sometimes, I'm the fun momma,
the one they help make cookies with
and everyone gets to lick the spoon
(but everyone has their own spoon);
the one that smotes them at board games
and GETS smote at video games.

Sometimes, I'm the strict momma,
who ensures homework is finished
and chores completed
and no you don't have to clear your plate 
but you sure better TRY it 
before you claim not to like it!

Sometimes, I'm the warpath momma
when we might just have to pop the ears off their heads
(It's not like they're usin' 'em anyway!)
Full of time outs and groundings 
and lost privileges lay scattered about me 
like trophies pillaged from my progeny.

Sometimes, I'm the gentle momma
snuggling close as we recount the highs
and lows of the latest day vanquished,
our triumphs celebrated together,
our miseries commiserated 
and understanding applied like a balm to our wounds.

Sometimes, I'm the no nonsense momma
when now is EXACTLY when things need done
and I'll brook no distractions
nor objections,
this is not a democracy
and the only reason needed is "I said so."

And sometimes, I'm the nonsense momma
who threatens smiting to children who have stolen my smiting pants,
whose scowl is more likely to illicit fits of giggling than tears,
who is absolutely certain she's TEER-I-FYING...
and could -almost- sell it
except that they fall out of their seats from laughing so hard.

Yes, I like to keep my offspring off balance
while we make our way 
across this tightrope of parenting,
'cause their returning the favor in kind
and a little off balance is the perfect reason
to hold hands along the way.

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