Thursday, April 3, 2014

Today, 2nd poem for April

by Janin Wise

Today, I read of a woman
who spent 28 years
not knowing she'd been happy
until it was over.

Today, I heard of a man
who spent 4 months
in Iraq to come home
and kill three people yesterday.

Today, I yelled at my son
who couldn't spend 2 seconds
to help his brother
when his brother needed his help.

Today, I tasted sadness
and bitterness
and anger
and they filled my mouth
with their heavy acridness,
like poison caught between my gums.


Today, I read of a friend
joyfully celebrating 54 years young,
counting the blessings
that surround her daily.

Today, I heard an excited father
celebrate as his 7 month old son
decided that yesterday
was the perfect time to start crawling.

Today, I smiled at my sons
who took 2 seconds
to sincerely apologize,
hug and make up.

Today, I tasted gladness
and exuberance
and forgiveness
with their airy grace,
like a balm to my soul.


Today, I viewed the world
as a macrocosm diverse
in animosity
and generosity
both part of our human condition.

Today, I acknowledged
that our world is
an ever constant pendulum
of good
of evil
of all the shades of lost between.

Today, I realized
that emotions are fluid
and intense
and ever changing
in a spectrum too varied to measure.

Today, I experienced the world
as a microcosm personal
to me, to you,
to us, to them,
to her, to he, to we and I.

And so did you.

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