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#100happydays Looking back on 100 days

If you'd like to read about the first 57 days of my 100daysofhappy challenge, you can catch up here.

And now for the rest of the adventure!

Day 58.

 It's starting to sound like music! And boyo is one of only a few in his grade being invited to demo band for the local elementary school (:

Day 59.

Today, I got to have lunch with my honey and this evening we had impromptu hot yoga at yoga. Love the theme for the month, can tell I'm getting more flexible and a _little_ bit stronger. It's a start! (:

Day 60.

At 3 am, happiness was taking delight in bed kitty happily snuggling and purring. At 6:20, it was having overslept but not by so much that it mattered and Woohoo! for the good ole internal clock. At work, it was in the delight of my coworkers and a busy day. At 5 pm it was getting to see Scadian friends. And at 10 pm, after five hours of driving, it's for finally being home. A lot was done and moved, and I'm incredibly thankful to Woody and Anna and my two boys for all their assistance in my mad capering (;

Day 61.

Today, I'll be happy that tomorrow is Friday.

Day 62.

This morning, I laughed as my seven year old pit played like a puppy with the hound puppy. They had the remains of a fabric toy between them and were alternately playing keep away, tug of war (complete with dragging each other across the length of the living room), and taking breaks to gnaw on it, sometimes practically lip to lip, and sometimes gently gnawing on each other, tails wagging the whole time. (:

Day 63.

So I decided I wanted to wear these today, but my closet is in a dark corner, my shoes aren't organized and my husband is asleep. As I quietly leaned into the dark abyss, I suddenly remembered Ernie and thought with a grin, " couldn't hurt..." So I whispered, "He-re fishie fishie fishie fishie fishie!" And tried not to cackle in glee when I immediately found one shoe. A second round of, "He-re fishie fishie fishie fishie fishie!" immediately netted the other one (:

Day 64.

Much Mother's Day fun was had at Adventure Land (:

Day 65.

Got my latest commission off in the mail today and a new commission to work on (:

Day 66.

Today, I was pleased to have my own mind for company on the drive to and from work. (I entertained me.) On the ride this morning, I was behind a vehicle towing an expensive car that had clearly been wrecked. While thinking on how it might have happened, to include rich teen who doesn't care about cost, I was suddenly giggling as I imagined Palpatine's financial adviser getting the news for the end of the Death Star and suffering a fit of apoplexy. Then on the drive home, I was thinking about boyo's band concert tonight and thought, "Hey! Muggles have wizards!....Ours just wave their wands at musicians and make music..." (;

Day 67.

Today, I got to have lunch with my fabulous sister in law at Rojo. Delicious food, excellent company and the weather held just long enough. (Seriously. It was down pouring for the ten minutes before I headed out and stopped the minute before. Then started down pouring a minute after I got back from lunch.) (:

Day 69/ 68.

 I am happy for the purring cuddly goodness of my sweet kitty cat, a family who loves me, and great coworkers. Yesterday, it was getting to bed early. This hasn't been a banner week for me, but I've survived it and still found time for moments.

Day 70.

My honey got me a grownup art table! I'm moving up from the dining room table (:

Day 71.

Today, I got to see my friend Liz who I've not seen since our NSU days AND some of my Shire friends AND got to belly dance (((: All in all it was an incredible Sunday!

Day 72.

So I got used to, when I was growing up, my mother pulling out a middle name meant trouble. I also got used to the fact that she would laugh if she tried to use the whole thing. But I didn't expect it from my -kids- (lol). Tonight, they decided I was grumpy and pulled out my middle name to let me know (; Then my oldest went to one up his brother and tried for the whole thing, where all three of us ended up laughing.

Day 73.

Today, I enjoyed the sound of my children playing in the water outside. They were out there for a good 2 hours with plenty of laughter and came in soaking wet. I like when they enjoy each other's company (:

Day 74.

Today, I couldn't help but grin as I took my hair down. Held up by nothing more than a single hair stick, it's always like magic the way it falls when I pull that hairstick out.

Day 75.

You know it's true love when you know he's surrounded by coworkers and you can hear the sincere smile in his voice when he says "I love you" as you get ready to hang up (:

Day 76.

So when I got home, I glanced up towards the drive and a spot of color caught my eye. One of my snap dragons is blooming again (: I planted them almost 5 years ago in fall, right along with the dusty miller. When I put them in, I was pretty sure it would just be that one winter season I got to enjoy them, but there they are, going strong.

Day 77.

Swimming, grilled bacon wrapped chicken, corn on the cob, and grilled asparagus: 1st day of summer done right (:

Day 78.

Finally introduced my guys to the fun that is Clay-O-Rama (:

We had Norbort (Cthulhu's zen cousin with a penchant to lose his head), Two face (the indestructible slug with no face), El Diablo (the armored fanged turtle with weapons), and Tadpole of Doom (with a retractable tongue and the ability to use it to throw an opponent at other opponents).

Wanna play it for yourself? The rules are on line here.

Day 79.

Having two fish for children means I inevitably lose at races, but I'm better (for now) at under water handstands (: It was hysterical watching them play water leapfrog, where the current jumper rolled when he leapt over.

Day 80/81.

Yesterday was getting to go back to yoga for the first time in two weeks. I missed it! And Mesuva Studios is growing so there's more space (: Today, it was the joy of not cooking dinner (((: Woohoo for burritos!

Day 82.

My oldest son has been making me smile and laugh off and on this evening with his antics. (:

Day 83.

On the drive home tonight, I saw that our local Hardee's has a brand new shiny billboard announcing their latest burger and that you can find it all of 5 minutes up the road. And then I burst into laughter at the irony...because right now, Hardee's has been completely torn down in a much needed remodel and I could just imagine it: There you are, driving along, you see that sign, so now you're hungry for that delicious burger...and there's literally NOTHING where your burger is supposed to be?!?!?! Well...Burger King right across the street is probably appreciating the advertising (;

Day 84.

Looky what came in the mail today! ((: (on an aside, I love that fb wants me to tag the face in my earrings) (;

(These are a pair of earrings featuring my artwork)  ((:  If you'd like a pair of your own, you can find this design and more here.

Day 86/85.

Yesterday was delicious broasted chicken for dinner and my honey getting me more wood for new hobby critters (as yet to be designed). Today, it's a quiet evening before the storm of activity that is final preparations for Palio Di Flintmarsh II, an event being hosted by my local group The Shire of Flintmarsh (:

Day 87.

Six years ago today, our piggy (our pit bull, Ruby) joined our family. My honey went to the gym after work and she was wandering the lot, then she waited for him while he exercised. When he got in the car to leave, he left the door open and invited her in and brought her home, leaving her loose in the front yard with a bowl of food and another of water. When I got up in the morning, at first glance out the front door, I thought the friendliest possum I'd ever seen was trying to get into my house. Turns out she had found her forever home, and we sure are glad to have her (:

Day 88.

was celebrating my wonderful Sister in Law's Birthday (:

Day 89.

finished the second pony.

Day 90.

finishing the third pony.

Day 91.

Getting to go to the Palio Di Flintmarsh II. It really was an incredible event (and I have an entire photo album dedicated to it)!

Day 92.

Sleep! (lol) After three weeks of doctors appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, the busy season starting at my day job and LOTS of painting, I needed it, and my guys were sweet enough to let me get it (:

Day 93.

My youngest is enjoying his family reunion and calls me every night to ask for a riddle. Tonight, the riddle was, "What tastes better than it smells?"

Day 94.

Woohoo! My throwing axes came in the mail today. Now it's time to learn how to use them in time for Fool's War next year (((:

Day 95.

Woohoo! Now my fingers won't blister and I'll stop damaging the top of my knuckle with the fletching when I shoot. (And my set of throwing knives came in.) Weather permitting, I will definitely be doing archery this weekend! (:

Day 96.

Tonight, I had the opportunity to look up at that almost full moon in wonder (: I also had the chance to muse about technology-- in our own little town, we have 4 digital billboards. 10 years ago, you wouldn't have seen them pretty much =any where=. Technology makes me happy (: Just another friendly reminder that the future is now, and it's pretty darn awesome.

Day 97.

Going to start this one off early today! So 1., this is Day 97 out of 100 in the 100 days of happiness challenge. Woohoo! And 2. I've finished my latest commission (:

part deux: My oldest boyo and I went to see the marvelousness that is Maleficent. While watching the previews in that darkened theatre, I leaned over to say something to my boyo when I suddenly heard a voice I was startled to realize I recognized. It's my friend Wendy Colonna ! Her Coca-Cola commercial was playing at the theatre. So proud of you, Wendy (:

Day 98.

There were several great things about today (and a whole photo album dedicated to a lot of it!) but I wanted to single out two awesome bits. 1. I received an awesome arrow head from my incredibly talented friend Mike Moulton. And 2. My youngest came home from his week long vacation with his grand parents in Augusta (:

Day 99.

Enjoyed a good day at home with the boys and a great evening at the inlaws making steak, pan fried potatoes, pan fried summer squash, and broiled asparagus with my awesome sister in law and mother in law (: I really do enjoy sharing the kitchen with them.

Day 100.

I made it! That alone is cause for celebration (: (But it's also kind of cheating, so) Today, I'm going to share a story that doesn't sound like it should be the final note for 100 days of happy, but it actually is.

Today, I went to the cardiologist, and the nurse instructed me to remove my shoes and pants, so there I am in my unders and shirt, sitting on an uncomfortable table with a large rectangle of paper serving as my only guardian for decency.

For an hour.

I almost fell asleep. Then the doctor came in and tells me the results of my tests were perfectly normal, in all of 30 seconds or less, at the end of that hour.

For $20.

So 1. I didn't actually need to be sitting there pantless for this news. 2. I didn't actually need to be sitting there -at all- for this news. They could have told me over the phone any of the three times I called them to ask. and 3. (The silver lining) My test results were perfectly normal. I'm okay. And -that- is certainly cause for celebration. (:


So looking back at 100 days of happy, what I learned is that some days, my happy moment wasn't something that came with a picture.  And some days I might have gotten a picture but didn't have time to post it that day, so I'd post it the next.  And some days, even days that weren't good, there were still good moments.

If you're interested in doing your own 100 happy days, you can check it out here.  (:

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