Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dream Inspired Breakfast

For my first blog back from the busy of summer, I thought I'd share a dream (and a recipe)  (;

Last night I dreamed that I lived in a town where crimes were resolved with scotch eggs.

Someone stole my purse, so I went to the police station to report it. As they took my statement, I watched them prepare a scotch egg, using a fresh egg from a chicken allowed to wander the station, boiling it and peeling it while I described my purse and the location of the incident.

They seasoned the meat and wrapped the egg while I described how I'd felt during the incident. And while it baked, a sketch artist drew the thief. When I was done talking, they removed the finished scotch egg from the oven and offered it to me.

I was nervous, because I wasn't sure what was going to happen. And as I brought it to my mouth and took a bite... My alarm clock went off.

So I have no idea how they resolved crimes with scotch eggs....but I know what I'm making for breakfast!

The truth of the matter is that I've never made scotch eggs the same way twice.

Today's recipe was made with the help of my nose.  (To be honest, that's my favorite way to cook.  By smelling what goes well together.)

I started by boiling seven eggs.  You can use your favorite method, mine this morning involved covering them with cold water, setting them on the stove in a covered pan on high then getting briefly distracted by feeding the dogs so I knew it had reached boiling when the water boiled over the pot.  At that point, I turned off the stove and moved it to a cold burner to simmer in what remained of their water for the next ten to fifteen minutes and cleaned up water before moving on to the next stage.

I then defrosted a lb of ground beef and set the over to preheat to 350.

After the meat defrosted, I put it into a large bowl, cracked in two raw eggs, then added spices. Plenty of salt and pepper.  Then garlic powder and onion powder to taste.  Then parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.  More parsley, less sage, equal parts rosemary and thyme, but all to taste (or smell), so it's kind of subjective.  Then I added oregano, as much as I added parsley.  Then a good solid squeeze of yellow mustard and mixed that all up.

It was at this point I thought I should probably consult an actual recipe, so a quick search on my phone and all three of the recipes I found mentioned bread crumbs and cooking in oil before baking.  So I grabbed out a box of club crackers and spent a couple of moments gleefully crumbling them into a third bowl.  The recipes mentioned coating the meat encased eggs in a mixture of egg and crumbles, but I looked over at that bowl of delicious smelling meat and thought, "That looks a LOT like making meatloaf" and for meatloaf, I toss my oatmeal directly in, so those cracker crumbs were mixed directly into the meat.

While I peeled my eggs, I set a 2.5" frying pan to heating about an inch of vegetable oil on high.  Then I divided my meat into seven balls.  I picked up each ball of meat, flattened it into a patty in my palm, laid a boiled egg on top, then wrapped it, making what amounts to individual meatloafs with an egg inside.  I could smell the oil heating so I turned it down and put the first one in.  I was in the middle of wrapping the fifth when I should have turned the first one over.  And the middle of wrapping the sixth when I should have turned the second one over.  I finished wrapping the seventh one quickly so I could get the first three turned over and very quickly decided that the first two were too singed for the rest of the family, so clearly those were mine.  Everyone else's turned out beautifully golden.

I put them on a paper towel covered plate to drain a bit of the oil, then cut them in half and served everyone, turning the oven off before I walked out of the kitchen.

If you'd like to duplicate this recipe, I'll share it better organized below...but leaving the oven on without using it is entirely optional.

Dream Inspired Scotch Eggs


Boiled and Peeled Eggs (enough so that everyone eating can have at least 1.  1.5 is incredibly filling and 2 is a recipe for overfull).
1 lb of ground beef, thawed for every 7 - 8 eggs
2 raw eggs for every 1 lb of ground beef
Crushed 3/4 package of club crackers per 1 lb of meat

*Note:  When it comes to spices, I'm a 'to taste' kind of person, so I'm going to attempt to give measurements to something that didn't actually have measurements.*

Salt  enough to cover the top layer of meat in a light snow
Pepper  enough to hide the layer of salt
Garlic Powder  enough to hide the layer of pepper
Onion Powder  half as much garlic
Parsley  a small mound in the palm, crushed between my fingers before sprinkled over the meat
Sage (powdered)  about four pinches
Rosemary about two dashes
Thyme  also about two dashes
Oregano  a small mound in the palm
Yellow mustard (I used the same kind we put on hot dogs, but you can use the powdered just as well, I suspect) a good solid squeeze

Mix the raw eggs, beef and spices, then add the crushed crackers

While you separate your meat into equal sized portions, one for each egg, heat your oil.  You can use an inch like I did (which will entirely cook your meat), less if you just want to just brown the outside of them, or a deep fryer (which will also entirely cook your meat).

Flatten the meat into a patty in your palm, place and egg on top, then wrap it in the meat.  Place in the heated oil and let it stay long enough to brown, then turn it over to do the same on the other side.  If you over cook them (like I did the first two), the meat on top will split and reveal your egg, but if you turn them when they first start turning brown, it doesn't crack.

When all sides are golden, remove them from the oil and put on a paper towel covered plate to drain, then cut in half and serve.

To quote my husband, "I highly endorse your efforts!", my oldest son, "These are delicious!" and my youngest son, "The egg tastes better if you eat it with the meat."  And enjoy!  (;

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