Friday, February 21, 2014

How To Find And Purchase My Work...

I've been keeping a little busy here lately with getting to spend some time with my family and finishing up my pay it forwards that I've let my blog lag just a little bit.

So tonight, I figured I would take a moment and let you know how you can find and purchase my artwork (:

My facebook page is and here you can keep up with my latest artwork, medieval games projects, fun things I find and share from other artists/ websites/ share in the moments when I fly my nerdy geek flag.  It's where I post when there are sales.  And if you would like for me to a do an original commission for you, you can just send me a private message here.

My etsy page is and this is where I post original pieces for sale, cards that feature my artwork, hairsticks (and other interesting things I end up making for sale).  I can also be contacted through my etsy page for an original commission.

Because these first two options deal directly with me, you also get one of my fun business cards when you place an order (:

My society6 store is and this is a great budget option if you adore my artwork but cannot necessarily afford the cost of an original.  It's also where you can get clothing, mugs, clocks, pillows, totes, cell phone covers, electronic skins and other products featuring my artwork.

Here's an example:

My deviantart page is and this is where you can find the free pdfs for my medieval games, as well as the option to buy prints, canvases and photographs featuring my artwork.

And of course, there my blog (which you're on right now if you're reading this) (;  This is where I share works in progress, recipes, dreams, stories, poetry, and excerpts from a day in the life in the Wise house.

And now I'm off to get back to working on designing my ganjifa cards (:

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Last Pay It Forward of 2013

Okay.  This one is actually late.  I couldn't decided exactly how I wanted to do it, so I've spent the last three weeks thinking about it, and finally woke up this morning with the "ah ha!"

See, this one is for my friend Kelsey.  Like me, she's a fellow Troy University student (:  But unlike me, she's a really big Auburn fan.  So I decided that for her pay it forward, I would make her an Auburn tiger.

This isn't the first time I've done that.

But I wanted to make something different.  Something for her.

And so I made this:

"Auburn".  12" x 9".  Acrylic and prismacolor on watercolor paper.

Prints and other merchandise available here.
I hope she likes it!