Saturday, March 15, 2014

100 Days of Happy - Day 8

So today has included 2 naps, a trip to the doctor complete with a shot in each hip, and a now empty box of tissue.

Instead of getting to go play with my SCAdian friends at our local Gulf War Pity Party, I channeled my inner Andy Warhol over at my cafepress shop.

On another happy note:  I can now be searched for on cafepress by name (((:

Friday, March 14, 2014

100 Days of Happy - Day 7

So today had a lot to compensate for:  I woke up sick.  (Sore throat, coughing and all the ick that indicates it is NOT, in fact, allergies.)

There was a debit card incident.  (How. The. Hell. So this morning, I stopped at Wal-Mart, pulled my debit card from my wallet...and it was declined. Stopped to get gas just now and it was declined again. Called my bank and gave the card # because there's no reason my account should be declining...and he tells me it's the wrong card. So I look at it. REALLY. Look. At. It. ...Brittney Chiney, I have no idea who you are or how on earth I ended up with your debit card... a toss of my wallet showed that I ALSO had mine. I advised the gentleman who was helping me to cancel her card (and not mine), then I cut it up (also not mine). Seriously. NO. Idea.) 

My youngest's dog has recently started jumping the fence and chewing things up. (She devoured over half of the stuff for my oldest's upcoming birthday party in the box right after it was delivered to our front door, as well as the next book I'm supposed to be reading for my bookclub.  She's got a palate with a decided bent for cardboard and laundry.)

 So I went to work, face masks, mucinex and antihistamine in tow (that's why I needed to stop at Wal-Mart) long enough to make sure my calendar and email were in order.  It was actually a little bit funny with everyone in their masks to make sure they didn't get my new found ick. AND I got to have a piece of pistachio cake for my unofficial UN-Birthday celebrating one year at my job (:  Before I was soundly sent home to rest.  Workday: 50 minutes.

Came home and got a seriously good nap.  And the emergency reorder of replacement supplies placed two days ago for the party came in today.  Woohoo!

(Did I mention boyo wanted a zombie themed birthday party?)
And unexpectedly, so too did a SECOND copy of the book my dog ate!  Clearly the book club gods are looking out for me (:

SO looking forward to reading this!
All in all, it's been a day of ups and downs and strange little stories, but (outside of being sick), I like it (:

***UPDATE:  So as I drove to pick up my oldest from his first school dance, I figured out the mystery of my brief stint as a very bad thief!  And it's the least likely suspect of all:  My bank.  (lol)

I went there yesterday through the drive through to make a deposit--after sending my first round through the vacuum system, the drive through operator asked for my license.  So I sent it through as well.  She sent back my deposit slip, driver's license and ... the other person's debit card!  Ta-Da!  I didn't notice because I had briefly considered sending my debit card with my deposit slip, so I couldn't remember if I'd done it or not and didn't think anything of it...until today (:  Mystery solved!***

Thursday, March 13, 2014

100 Days of Happy-- Day 6

Wherein I -finally- remembered to bring my St. Patrick's Day decorations to work (:

If you adore the cuts out as much as I do, then I suggest you check out Stromboli's Wagon.  I've been getting holiday cut outs from them for over a decade now and I love them (:

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

100 Days of Happy-Day 5

Today, my honey came to visit me and we had a lunch date (:  He took me to Beef O'Bradey's in Dothan.  (Side note, the food is -incredible-!  If you get a chance, go there.  Totally worth it.)

Shortly after we were seated, our server walked over to get our drink order and leaned in really close to look at my earrings.  She asked me the type of bird and I told her they were owls.  She told me they were lovely and I said, "Thank you!  It's my art (: "

And then she asked for my card.  I could totally have kicked myself right then because when I headed out to lunch, I didn't bring my purse.  I didn't have them on me!

But she asked me to write down my websites, and that, I could do (:

THEN, (cheering! Definitely cheering!) she had each of the other servers coming over to see them as well (:

So my honey actually took my Day 5 photo for (and of) me:

On an aside, if you would like a pair of the earrings, you can get them here.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

100 Days of Happy, Day 4

Today, my oldest offspring makes me happy.  (Although the fact that he's fast approaching my height does not (but it makes HIM happy))  (;

Monday, March 10, 2014

100 Days of Happy, Day 3

There were several moments today that made me happy.  But at my day job, there are things I can't take pictures of for privacy issues.  And I love working with my coworkers (:  There's hardly a day that goes by that we don't find a moment to laugh.

And I got to see the first signs of spring as I was driving home.  All sorts of trees are starting to bloom!  But I was driving.

And I absolutely adore when Pharrell Williams song Happy comes on over the radio.  (Fortunately, I'm terrible at selfies (No, seriously.  My husband and sons have taken to taking my phone away from me to take a picture of me for me because I -that- bad at selfies) so I've yet to capture myself happily muppet dancing along.)

And just before the boys bedtime, I demonstrated running on the balls of your feet by taking off like a mad woman in a couple of circuits through the house, stirring the critters up to join in the one woman wild goose chase.  Fortunately, my husband and son were too stunned and laughing to capture my caper on anything resembling film, but it sure was FUN (:

So instead, I took a picture of what made me happy first today, bright and early this morning before I even left the house:

I got to wear one of my favorite pair of earrings today (:

1.  They are simply and absolutely beautiful!
2.  They make me feel the same way (:
3.  Kitty!
and 4.  They remind me of how I got them:  They were a gift from one of our first artists as Studio 116 in Brundidge was opening a year and a half ago when I did my internship.

I've since bought 3 other pairs of earrings from the same artist because I just love his work (and I have a small obsession with earrings).

So what did I learn today?  Finding the moments of happy is probably going to be easy.  Finding moments of happy that can be documented with a camera is going to be the challenge part of this 100 days challenge (;

Sunday, March 9, 2014

100 Days of Happy-- Day 2

So clearly, food makes me happy (;

Today's happy moment comes from discovering a fantastic site for how to make awesome ribs in the oven.

I've never been a big fan of dry rub ribs.  But they are delicious!  Following the directions in the link above, I put the liquid smoke in the spicy mustard before basting the ribs.  I sprinkled brown sugar over that, covered it liberally in Season All and garlic powder.

Between the liquid smoke and the 5 minutes of broiling to get it started, my house smelled like a barbecue for the whole three hours it took to cook.