Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Artist's Prayer

It's been eight months since the last time I felt inspired to write a blog.  I was on my computer yesterday when I saw that I had a tab at the top for my blog and was reminded that I used to come here so often, I needed such a tab.

I took a brief moment to visit yesterday, and was surprised that so much time had passed.  And didn't have a single thought I considered worth sharing.

But this morning, as hard as I'm struggling with this week's directions, I thought I might.

I'm in week of 3 of trying out The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron.  A friend of mine on Facebook mentioned that he was doing it again and was really enjoying his artist's dates.  I was curious, so I ordered the book.

And it came in.

And I didn't even open it.

It sat, waiting, on a shelf for almost two months.

I had lost my love of reading somewhere between trying to slog through the ninth book in a row of the Wheel of Time, and feeling like there was a list of books I -had- to read to prove my love of reading before I would be allowed to get back to reading what I wanted to read...and for the first time in my life since learning to read, went over six months without touching a book.

I have been blessed with a lot of synchronicity in my life.  In fact, synchronicity, and the amazing connections of the world, are something I've grown up with and count on them in my life to remind me that I'm going in the right direction.  But even that started to go away.

Missing reading made me sad, but I could live with it.  Maybe I'd outgrown it.

But missing synchronicity was an entirely different matter-- it's part of the compass I use to find my way in the world.  And so I opened up the Artist's Way and jumped right in.

I'll not lie, I'm not taking this very easily.  In fact, each week presents its own challenges that I have to fight myself over to complete.  And there've already been a lot of tears.  But I'm committed to at least completing it.

And there ARE advantages.  Small changes.  I'm already making more art work than I was previously this year.  I'm remembering my dreams again.  I've read two books for the sheer joy of reading.

And that brings me to this week's challenge and this post:  This week, I'm not supposed to be reading.

After fighting so hard to be able to enjoy it, I have to go seven days intentionally not reading.  As much as I am able.  No subtitled movies.  No books for pleasure.  No interesting articles.  Some of these are easier than others.  Some, I'll admit I have cheated on-- as I can't give up facebook completely with most of my friends scattered across the globe.  And my job absolutely requires me to read and respond to emails for 8 hours a day.

But one of the gifts of this week was the assignment to write an Artist's Prayer.  And despite the admonishment not to read this week, the directions to read it every day.

I read it this morning.  And found it might be worth sharing:

Artist's Prayer

I am thankful for this new day.
The sensations of my skin.
The sincerity of my senses.
The safety of home that I may adventure out from and return to.
I am thankful for the ability to create.
May I use it for good.
To create meaningful memories.
Deeper, cherished connections with those I love.
New art, in whatever medium is called for.
May I be quick to wit and slow to anger.
Quick to forgive and slow to judge.
Not only of others, but of myself.

I hope it either helps you directly, or points you in the direction to write your own.

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