Sunday, May 15, 2016

Thirty Day Writing Challenge: Day 13, Your Commute to and From

My daily commute is almost an hour, one way. 

Not that I normally notice the whole thing. 

I notice the cars around me enough to drive safely.  I notice the changes of the scenery, both regularly to have a general idea of where in my commute I currently am, but also the changes in sky, light position, color of the trees, which flowers are blooming, intensity of the wind, additions and subtractions made by mortal man, the growing seasons, the passing of birds...And the world peripheral. 

What I see out of the corner of my eye that is always, -Always- more interesting than what it is viewed directly. 

My cellphone might as well be off.  I play a game that I use to teach my boys a bit of safety, and pretend that when my car is on and I'm the driver, my hands are glued to the steering wheel, so I couldn't possibly answer it/ check it.  They know from years of experience, if it makes nose, they're going to have to get it, or it isn't being gotten.

Sometimes, there's music.  The radio or my cell phone plays an eclectic mix of all genres.  Or I sing.  With or without music to keep me company.  The same is true for car dancing, usually at stop lights, either to an excellent tune others can hear, or merely the music in my head.

And my thoughts are a constant companion. I keep myself very entertained on my drives.

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