Sunday, May 15, 2016

Thirty Day Writing Challenge: Day 14, Your Life in Seven Years

My life in seven years

In seven years, my oldest will be in college or off otherwise adulting his own life.  My youngest will be a junior in high school.  My home will be paid off.  And hopefully, so too will be my personal education debts.

I'd like to have several of the things that float around in my head a reality:  publishing my dream journal(s), a variety of tongue in cheek not kids books, my own fairytales.  Medieval games. Finish out my existing art series.  Begin some of the others that are just ideas.

Get back to belly dancing and drumming.  Rediscover my love of reading.  Play board games regularly.  Socialize more.

But another woman doing the challenge interpreted this one differently, and I adored it, so I did it that way as well (:

So here is my life in seven year increments (:

My life in seven years:

1. I was born on what is still on record as the busiest delivery day in the big pink hospital's records; I was tiny, but still I grew. I learned to walk, but that running into the ocean was frowned on.  I learned to climb, but that trying to fly was frowned on.  I thought the world was a cake for God and worried that he would eat the icing mountain we were taking our car on.  I flew to Europe, and almost severed my Achilles tendon my first night there.

2.  My name is Janin, it doesn't matter what language you speak.  I learn German, but speak it with an Irish accent.  I speak English, but even Americans wonder where I learned it.  I tell them in dictionaries, where I made close friends with schwa and other phonemes.  My cousins tease me when we come home to visit on summers because I call their mother's 'Aunt', while they call mine 'Ant'. Castles almost always have 365 stairs in their towers, my sister and I figure it's one for each day of the year. When we come back to stay, we learn that America has non-military / non-public service related commercials!  We spend our first week stateside flipping channels to watch commercials.  I memorize my first. It's for Tide.  I can still sing it. American students don't visit castles and cathedrals on the weekend, and jaded teachers require you to prove you actually know what you're taking about, if they ask if anyone's been.  It's funny to watch their eyes widen when they realize you actually do and have.

2.  I saw the most beautiful red headed boy standing next to this really tall Asian boy at the bus stop.   At my first high school, I'm in the top 600 of 2000 in my class.  At my second high school, I'm in the top 6 of 102.  At my third high school, I graduate in the top 80 of 600.  I only apply to one university:  Scholars College, and my entry paper on the most influential book I've ever read is about The Tawny Scrawny Lion.  I'm accepted, and learn that ALL of my future teachers read it, curious to meet the girl who chose a children's book.  I fall into theatre.  (It's not that I didn't being there, only that I hadn't intended to get there.)  I love dance, and dance an average of four hours every day.  I can't spot turn, but I don't stop trying.  The drinking age in Louisiana is 18, until one month and one day before I turn 18, then it's 21.  My parents respond by having me come home on the weekends to mix drinks.  Together, we discover that I hate whiskey, but love dessert drinks.  Every weekend, my friends and I go dancing at the bar.  I'm the youngest, but I always go up and buy the drinks. I am never carded. I also never drink. I'm the designated driver.  On my 21st birthday, when I finally drink something I've bought, the bartender (whose been serving me for four years) finally cards me, blinks, hands me my card back, and wishes me a happy birthday.  Everyone wanted to celebrate with me.  No one didn't drink.  I confiscate all the keys and we, all twenty of us, tipsily walk the fifteen miles back to the dorm.  It was awesome.

4.  I discover the beautiful red headed boy has become a beautiful red headed man.  I finally confess my love to him.  As we prepare to wed, my mother asks how he proposed.  I stop, he stops, we exchange a surprised look, and shrug. "He didn't." He nods. "We just (both shrug) assumed."  We watch our dancing bean on the baby monitor.  We are both charmed by the magic of this little life inside of me.  We have made our own Samwise.  He's born with his father's red hair, and my mother's lavender eyes.  Two years pass and I plant forget me nots for the child that will never have my Boyo for a big brother.  Three months later, we are surprised to find we're pregnant again.  We have two names we like, we can't decide.  We let my oldest name his brother.  Considering Titan A.E., Willow, and Sinbad and the Seven Seas are his absolute favorite movies, choosing 'Kael' should not have been a surprise.  He is also born with his father's red hair, but blue eyed.

5.  My oldest is a brunette with curly hair and brown eyes.  People say he looks just like me.  My youngest is a blonde with pin straight hair and eyes that change between stormy blue, grey, and hazel.  People say he looks just like his father.  I go back to school and finish my degree.  I start with over 207 credit hours.  It still takes 2 1/2 years.  I triple major with a BFA in 2D art, 3D art, and theatre.  My father, my husband, and my in laws comes to my graduation. I'm the only graduating BFA this semester.  My name is butchered mercilessly...even the Wise.  We laugh about it over lunch.

6.  I vow not to be a statistic-  I continue to make art after I've graduated.  We don't make enough for me to be dedicated to my arts, and we're waiting for my husband to finish his degree as well.  I get a day job in an office, where I have found friends and sisters in the women I work with.  This job was never meant to last very long, it has no future and no benefits.  Our plans change and my husband wants to stay in Alabama.  Two years pass and I'm almost asleep when I sit bolt upright in bed, grab my phone and start searching for houses.  When we show our boys pictures of the three we're considering, they inform us the third is our house.  Less than two months later, never having planned, nor expected to be buying a house, they are proved correct.  This is our house.  And moving here is exactly what we needed.  We love this city, this location, this house.  We are starting to make it our own.

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