Saturday, May 7, 2016

Thirty Day Writing Challenge: Day 7, What Tattoos You Have, and Their Meaning

Despite the fact that my mother, both of my sisters, and my husband, have all offered to get my tattoos, I have none.  It's not that I don't want one, per se.

I'd love to have a shoulder cap lotus in black, white, and blush.

I'd love to have tributes to my children in the form of their birth flower paired with their Chinese zodiac.

But I have conundrums.

First, as an artist, I don't like the idea of being someone else's canvas.  (I figure if I designed my own tattoos and found a tattoo artist who's work I appreciate/ could trust to do my work on me, I can probably get around this one.)

Second, I have incredibly sensitive skin.  My husband teases that the princess and the pea is about someone like me.  I can feel a mosquito land on me before it bites.  Sometimes, I have to put my hair up, off from my neck and back, take off all of my jewelry, and reduce the amount of things touching me because I'm being overwhelmed by the sensations, and they're starting to read as pain.  (I understand how tattoos work, and I don't know if I can get around this one.)

Third, I'm fickle.  It's not flattering, but if I can't be honest with myself, life would be much harder.  I am a creature of change...And tattoos don't.  (I'd probably need to have them where -I- couldn't see them to get around this one.)

And fourth, I'm very much a 'feeling' kind of person:  Gut feelings, intuitions... when the thought crosses my mind to get a tattoo, I've yet to have the feeling that the time to try is right.  When that happens, the rest of my objections won't matter.  (Even if all I learn is that I can have the outline of the start of the lotus for my shoulder cap, and know for certain that I can endure no more.)

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