Sunday, May 8, 2016

Thirty Day Writing Challenge: Day 8, A Book You Love and One You Didn't

A book I love and one I didn't...
Ach!  How to choose just one!!!  That's like being asked to pick your favorite child (to which I always tell my boys, when they insist on asking, "the one behaving" and if they object that they're both behaving, I tell them they're both my favorite! (lol)).
A book I love...  I guess I'll have to pick 'The Complete Works of the Brothers Grimm'.  I've read it so many times, I've broken the spine of multiple copies.
A book I didn't love is much easier:  'Winter's Heart' in the Wheel of Time series.  I didn't much enjoy the books leading up to it, but slogging through this one not only stopped me from attempting to finish reading the series...It quashed my previously avid reading. 
I've still not fully recovered. 
And that was two years ago. 
I might have read six books last year.  I've read three so far this year. 
I used to read a book every three to five days. 
My library misses me. 
But I'm still recovering from being under the malaise of reading apathy.

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