Monday, June 6, 2016

Thirty Day Writing Challege, Day 16: Bullet Your Entire Day

Ah me!  I had planned to try to do these once every day or so, but real life gets busy, so there are about to be a LOT of posts!  Because despite my inability to blog them consistently...I still completed them all.  Now I just have to share them (;

. Wake up at 5 before the sound of the alarm clocks because the rain has started and the patter on the roof catches my attention.
. Give my husband a hug as he heads off to work.
. Attempt, unsuccessfully, to go back to sleep.
. Turn off the 6 am alarm clock and set a 6:30 alarm clock instead.
. Lay there daydreaming my to do list instead of going back to sleep.
.Get up at 6:30 and shower.
. Make sure the newest piece of art is ready to go in today.
. Feed the pets, then call up to the summer children-- one of them will need to make the sacrifice of waking before noon to keep the animals company.  My oldest volunteers.
.  Drive to work, listening to three different radio stations based on avoiding hearing particular radio personalities.
. Deliver my latest surprise me art piece (:
. Work.
. Drive home, intent to meet the husband at the car care place.
. Receive new instructions to just come home first.
. Then we drive to the car care place-- the car is due for a tune up and we're off to borrow one of his parent's vehicles.
. Segway to Popeye's for dinner first.
. Let the know it's okay that it will take three minutes to cook the spicy tenders.
. Wait patiently for fifteen minutes.
. The cook had missed our order-- and so they gave us free banana pudding for our wait (:  Patience IS a good thing!
. Visit with the parents before absconding with their truck.
. Beat my husband home on the curvy road.
. Notice that moss really DOES grow on the north side of the trees as I'm passing through town.
. Check in with the kids.
. Finish watching the last 15 minutes of Lost World: Jurassic Park with my boys-- we started it last night, but I got tired before it ended, and they chose to wait for me to see it (:
. Decide it's time to catch up on my blog posts-- 1. to finish a thing that I started! and 2. Because after the writing prompts, I have a really cool art post to make about my latest Surprise Me piece (:
. Share this post.
. Go to sleep  (Or goof off on facebook for a little more. Entirely undecided at this point.)

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