Monday, June 6, 2016

Thirty Day Writing Challenge, Day 19: Five Fears That I Have

So, first, I'm choosy about direction following (meaning I don't always.  I tend to think of them as guidelines not hard and fast rules.)  And second, I will admit to a touch of supersition.  That said, here are six of the fears that I have:

1. The safety and well being of my children and family.
2. Failure. I worry that I'm a fraud, not an artist, or writer, and that I'm a bad mom and wife, and one day everyone else will know it as well.
3. Success. I worry that if I am either an artist or writer, and actually achieve my dream of living by the work of either, it'll go to my head and I'll become a total douche.
4. Surprises. I startle incredibly easily and don't react to even good surprises well.
5. Crickets. Yes, any insect or spider that surprises me (see number 4), but crickets, even if they're not a surprise, can give me the heebie geebies.
6. I'm not afraid of heights. I'm actually pretty certain that no one is really afraid of heights. I am, however, afraid of the short, sudden, painful stop at the end of a fall from heights.

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