Thursday, August 25, 2016

Alabama Proud, The Surprise Me Commission

A friend and previous co-worker of mine also had the gift of the ability to cut hair and gave me this cute summer do.

BUT, she doesn't accept payment for cutting hair, since she's not a licensed hair stylist.  And I wouldn't let her cut my hair for entirely free either.  So we set up a barter-- she would cut my hair, and I would make her a piece of art.

When it came time for choosing an art piece/theme-- she didn't know what to suggest, and simply asked me to make what I thought was best.  Which actually works out well for me, because it's what I call the "Surprise Me!" Commission.  

It's where someone gives me an amount of their choosing to make art, but gets no say in what I choose to make-- I have absolute and total artistic say in the piece, and then I send it to them.  They have paid for a piece of art, but don't know what they are going to get.  It's a surprise.  And the fun thing is that it's as much a surprise for me as it is for them.  I am fortunate to that all my surprise me commission have outright astound and delight the recipient (:  I hope this trend continues!

So back to this piece.  I know that she is an avid, dyed in the crimson, Alabama fan.  So I thought I'd make her a piece to celebrate that.

What follows is a series of progression images while I painted the elephant.  You'll notice that I've only drawn out rough shapes-- that's because I free hand paint my patterns in my henna like pieces.

I also added a picture with my teeny tiny paint brush that I use for all of the painting, as the paper towel that helps keep my lines sharp by not allowing too much paint on my brush.

When I gave her the final piece, she was ecstatic (:  

But I also know that she isn't the only proud Alabama fan, so I made it available to others as a reproduction (just click on the image below and it'll take you to the proper link):

"Alabama Proud" by Janin Wise
Acrylic on board. 6" x 9"

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