Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bloody Mary Had A Little Lamb

So my youngest and I are watching the "Bloody Mary" Supernatural episode and discussing the various stories/ variations in the legend.  My Boyo joked that he had his own version and started telling the Mary had a little lamb nursery rhyme then said, "I've got nothing" as he petered out, which inspired me to mash the two with the following result:

Mary had a little lamb
whose teeth were sharp, you know.
And everywhere the lamb did bite,
the blood was sure to flow.

It followed her into the  house,
and upstairs to her room.
Repeated thrice before the mirror,
and Mary's lamb dines soon.

The lamb's long since
been turned to chops,
but still it lingers near,
 and  patiently is waiting for
"Blood Mary" thrice to hear.

If in the dark you think you brave,
the lamb will soon agree,
just call three times the words above,
and Mary's lamb eats thee.

My son thought it fantastic and asked me to blog it, so here it is (:

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