Friday, August 26, 2016

The Bird's Chorus

A friend of mine who has a couple of my original pieces Black and Gold, and my third stone vessel.  When her aunt came to visit and saw the framed Black and Gold and that it was an original painting on dictionary page, Erica let her know that I also do original paintings on sheet music.  Her aunt has such a kind and giving heart, that with no prompting, she sent me a gift:

to futher my art making (:

When I got it, I decided to send her a thank you, in the form of a painting from a sheet from her gift.  I asked Erica and learned that her two favorite flowers and hibiscus and rose of sharon.  And that she likes the color red, and red birds.  But outside of that, this is a "Surprise Me" piece.

So I decided to make her a cardinal and rose of sharon piece.

Here are the progress images:

Drawing out the initial shapes on the selected piece of sheet music

A look at my itty bitty paintbrush and the small amount of paint needed to get started.  I mixed 2 separate reds to get the bright orange red I was after. 

Outlining my major shapes

Freehand painting my patterned designs

The finished bird and time to change colors

Painting the leaves and greenery, with an equally small, but different brush.

Done with the leaves, now it's time to mix the paint for the flowers.

I started with white and painted the basic shape of the flowers, then I mixed into my existing created red to change the shade a bit brighter and pinker to accent the flowers.  Then I added yellow to my white to create the stamins.

I got the finished piece sent off to her yesterday and she should have it by the end of the week (:

For those who would like to commission an original, please contact me!  And for anyone who would love to have this piece for their very own, you can find the modified (I always modify from the original musical painting so that it's a one of a kind) version here (just click the image):

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