Monday, August 22, 2016

Thirty Day Writing Challenge, Day 28: The Word/ Phrase You Use Constantly

The word/ phrase I use constantly...this is harder than it was 3 Monday's ago.

Then, without batting an eye, I would have told you it was, "(Company name), Janin speaking, how may I help you?"  Lately, I'm spending more time with myself, my pets, my family, and my art room.  There's a lot more random singing, dancing, and humming.  There's still as much laughter.

In my head, I guess the word/ phrase I keep using most often is, "Time to get back to it."

See, I'm in the process of trying to turn my writing, my art, and my dreams into what I do for my living.  It started when my friend Deanna ordered a passion planner and I remembered that I used to be really good at staying on top of things when I had an organizer to help me remember everything I needed to do.  So I ordered one as well.  And one of my favorite parts was actually a goodie bonus-- a sticker that said, "Doing is the cure for fear."

In fact, synchronicity keeps bringing me back to that one.  As I'm researching how to make my arts a living, the advise again and again is "Create, then create some more."  "Don't get discouraged."  "Keep creating." "Do."

So every time I complete something, or take a small break, once my head space is centered and focused and ready, I think "Time to get back to it."   And to be honest, it fills me with -excitement-!

I read an article the other day that said that, to your brain, fear and excitement are the exact same chemical reaction-- the only difference, is how we choose to interpret it.

And I'm choosing the interpret it with hope.

Now, it's time to get back to it.

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