Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thirty Day Writing Challenge, Day 29: The Night of Your 21st Birthday

The night of my twenty first birthday, I had platinum blonde hair for the first time ever.

We started the evening with a clothing swap party, where everyone brought clothes they didn't want anymore, and you could try on anything you wanted to.  Everyone in attendance tried on the black, gray, and white striped, long, slinky dress....regardless of gender or size.  It was flattering on everyone.  And hilarious to boot!

Then we headed to Beaudion's, the bar we'd visited every weekend since I was eighteen.  (For the next part of the story, I have to take you back to August of the year I would be turning eighteen.  See, up until that fateful August, the drinking age in Louisiana was 18.  Almost exactly one month before I was changed to 21.  We'd go to the bar, out dancing, and even though I was the youngest of all of us, I'd go up to the bar and buy everyone's drinks.  I wasn't carded, but I also never drank anything myself, except water or Dr. Pepper.)  So, back to the night I turned 21...

ALL of my friends came to celebrate my twenty-first birthday with me.  And for the first time in three years, when I walked up to the bar, I drank.  I was finally carded.  The bartender looked at my card.  Looked at me.  Recognized me in my license.  Blinked.  Looked at me.  Blinked again.  Handed me back my license and my drink and said, "Happy Birthday."

Everyone celebrated with me.  Which meant that there were no designated drivers (I was always the previous self appointed designated driver).  When it came time to go, I asked who the designated driver was, and when we realized EVERYONE had been drinking...I took everyone's keys.

...And as a large group, we -walked- the fifteen miles back to campus.

Everyone was in great and tipsy spirits, and the walk was as much fun as anything else!

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