Friday, August 26, 2016

Tuxedo Kitties, A Matched Set

We went to PetSmart to get our new dog (3 years ago) a name tag...and at the time, a local shelter was running a drive outside.  Sharing a cage with a lovely tortie, was a black and white female, incredibly chill, even though their kennel was on top of a big dog's kennel.  Friendly, funny, spayed...and free.

But I wasn't looking for a cat.  And we had shopping to do.  I asked the woman how long they'd be there and she said until 3:00.  I said we'd come back, and if the cat was still there, it was meant to be.

Four hours later, our business in town complete, we stopped back by, just to check, and she was still there.  I walked up to the woman I'd spoken to four hours earlier and told her I was there for my cat, with a huge grin on my face.  She remembered me, remembered which cat, and that's how we got Patches.

Her companion's story begins with two cats that are not any more, and if I think about that part too long, I'll get upset, as I loved them all.  That said, a year ago, after three - four months of depression grade sadness, my husband told me to get myself another cat, because, quite frankly, I do well with having a pair.

I resisted for three more weeks, then heard a radio announcement that the same people I'd gotten my Patches from three years prior were having another pet drive at PetSmart that weekend.

Before going, I told my kids we were just going to -look- at maybe getting another cat.

They got super excited anyway.

I told them I had conditions:  it had to be male, had to be a CAT not a kitten, and had to be fixed.

They were still excited.

Just before we left the house, my youngest found a lizard in the house and nicknamed it Beethoven as he put it back outside-- and my boys took it as a sign that our next cat's name would be Beethoven.  My oldest declared that with a name like Beethoven, he'd have to sing to us.  And though I tried to temper their enthusiasm with the possibility that it might not happen, they were still excited.

When we got there, there were no cats outside.  I saw the same woman, but she didn't recognize me.  She let me know the cats were inside because of a lack of outside space.

On the outer wall, by the glass cat area, they had two cages.  The bottom was a female tortie.  The top was a litter of kittens.

Both were automatically no.

We went into the glass area.  There were a total of six cats in there.

As soon as we walked in, the black and white ONLY MALE CAT there at -all-....greeted us with cat singing like he had been waiting for us to get there!

Beethoven announced himself, meeting every single condition, including my boy's that he'd serenade us.  And that is how we got our Beethoven.

I have never had two cats who loved belly rubs the way these two do!  They make my days brighter, and my husband's wife happier (as though I'm not the same person)  (;

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