Sunday, August 28, 2016

Writing Prompt: A Houseplant is Dying

Today's prompt: A houseplant is dying. Tell it why it needs to live.
by Janin Wise

His older brother bought it for their mother for Christmas: A sad little palm tree in an ugly woven basket pot.

He had ordered it special.

But it didn't arrive in time for Christmas.  It was a couple of weeks late.

Hunting season was full under way by then.

An accident took him from them both.

And from his wife.

And from their son.

The funeral was devastating for them all, so close to the holidays.

And then that sad little palm tree in the ugly woven basket pot showed up.

The last thoughtful gift from a best beloved son, would been born of the love of her life.

Decades repotted, watered, by the window, but the same ugly woven basket pot, part of the original gift.

You are her last memory of the son she loved best.  You are part of what keeps her aged, frail body still in this world.

Her great grandchildren need her to tell her stories.  SHE needs to tell her stories.

You are one of her favorite.

And time passes, and age brings her, finally, to the sisters and husbands, but most importantly, the son, that she has all outlived.

Now, you are her living son's last memory of both his beloved older brother, and his mother.  Your leaves can't turn yellow and begin to become brittle...or their memories will become brittle and yellowed.

You are part of how they are still alive.

Without you....

Without you, he will have to live in a world where they are both truly gone.

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