Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Writing Prompt: Something You Had That Was Stolen

A Thief I Know, by Janin Wise

When I was nine, I lived with a thief.  And despite my mother being an otherwise good person, she was frequently in cahoots with him.

Beauregard outright frightened my mother's second husband.  (It didn't help that Beauregard hated him and made his feelings plain.)  Often, Keith bore wounds from their encounters.

But Beauregard liked me.

So much, in fact that he stole my stuffed ewok.  My mother made me let him have it.

When I turned ten, I got the huge two story Barbie dream house...But I pretended that Barbie lived in the penthouse apartment upstairs because Beauregard stole the bottom floor, and my mother made me let him have it.

That rotten cat would bring my ewok into his downstairs Barbie apartment and throw parties at all hours of the night if I didn't close my bedroom door!

I drew the line at Lemon Bear, the pale yellow teddy bear my mother got me to replace my ewok.

My mother drew the line at my cabbage patch doll, when Beauregard attempted to make her his 'special' friend.

And shortly after that, Beauregard had a quick trip to vet, walked funny for a couple of days, and settled down.

...He still got to keep my ewok and the first floor of my Barbie house though.

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