Friday, September 2, 2016

30 Painting in 30 Days Challenge September 2016, Day #2: Leaves on the World Tree, Arab Date Palm Study

I lay in bed tossing and turning into the early hours last night, too excited about painting and thinking to sleep.  Then when I did fall asleep, it wasn't restful.  I woke up exhausted, with a headache and serious case of "I don't wanna!"

But I got up anyway.

Ate some food, took some acetaminophen, my youngest son gave me an ice-pack to place on my neck (he's a sweet kiddo with the day off),  and I did anyway.

And I'm glad that I did.

Today's study is the Arabic Date Palm, as I'm working my way alphabetically through the current major ethnic groups in my Leaves on the World Tree study.

I'm still playing with my rainbow backgrounds-- today I decided to add pink to the other six colors, so that I'd have a total of seven divisions, towards the goal of collective consciousness, which is a primary theme for my Leaves on the World Tree project.

I decided I liked being able to see the brush strokes today, so I accented and left them.

When I was researching date palms, I remembered laying under the one we had in our yard with my boys when they were little, and looking up through the fronds.  So I decided today's view would be as though up through the tree trunk.

My favorite, handy dandy little 5/0 paintbrush busily at work (:
Then I painted the fronds, accenting them with the opposite color to their left and right, so that they would stand out against their primary background.  I then added four groups of dates-- green for the initial buds, yellow for barhi dates, red for deglet noor dates, and purple for medjool dates.  Each are in a bunch of 12, representing the zodiacs, the months of a year, as well as the cycle of experience towards a higher consciousness.

Arab Date Palm is the second leaf on my world tree.

"Leaves on the World Tree:  Arab Date Palm" Study
by Janin Wise
3" x 3" acrylic on mini canvas


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