Tuesday, September 6, 2016

30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge: September 2016, Day 5: "Leaves on the World Tree: Azerbaijanis Iron Tree" Study

I know, you're looking at the calendar and saying, "But Janin....Today is Day 6!"  And you are correct!  BUT I did a different painting yesterday instead.

Yesterday I finished up a special piece for a friend who wanted to honor one of his friends, who is soon expecting, with a tribute to the rainbow baby sibling before, so that the new child will have a way to know his older brother.  A rainbow baby is a late term pregnancy that does not make it.  My sheet music pieces are truly original, so I'm going to share with you the modified version below:

"I am here" by Janin Wise
9" x 11" acrylic on sheet music

And decided that today, I'd catch up and do both paintings 5 and 6.

Day 5, alphabetically in my major ethnic groups is Azerbaijanis.  I was originally considering doing the Oak for them, but then I really got into the research and discovered that Azerbaijan is home to over 180 endemic species, of which the Iron Tree is only one....and it's endangered.  The locals call it demir-agach, the scientific name is Parrotia persica, and it's believed to date back at least 6.000 years.
It's an absolutely beautiful tree but prized for its incredibly hard wood, ergo the name "Iron Tree".

It turns out Day 6's tree is also endangered, so perhaps I was supposed to work on them together.

For today's rainbows, I decided I wanted a center point off on one edge.

I figured I'd try a bit of salt...but the paint was already too dry, so it didn't work on this one.

For Day 5, I wanted to origin side to be on the left.  I like how yellow is predominant and kind of sneaking in on all the spaces.

After some rough pencil sketches to place my seven leaves, continuing my numerologic theme, I free hand painted the veins of the leaves.

Until I had all seven of them.

The Azerbaijanis is the 5th leaf in my world tree:

"Leaves on the World Tree:  Azerbaijanis Iron Tree" Study
by Janin Wise
3" x 3" acrylic on mini canvas


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