Thursday, September 8, 2016

30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge: September 2016, Day 8: "Leaves on the World Tree: Basques Oak" Study

Today's rainbow.  So, it started life like this:

Isn't that gorgeous?!  But...I didn't want to wait for that to dry.  Because it would be hours, easily.  So I decided to try blow drying....and to try to fix that, I tried salt....

I know, I know.  I'll entire wait the next time, because the blending of the colors in the first was incredible.  And that is clearly second fiddle.  In fact, frankly, it's a mess.  And it's only a 3" canvas, so it wouldn't be that hard to scrap it and start over, yes?  But then I remember Mr. Percy and his favorite saying, "There are no mistakes in art, only opportunities."  So I decided to treat this like I -wanted- it to look like that.  And went from there:

And when I was done with the background, it reminded me of photographs of galaxies, and I can entirely work with that!

Today's tree is the Basque Oak, paying tribute to the Genikako Arbola.  In the middle ages, assemblies and great politics were held beneath big local trees.  And the tree gained great meaning for the people, so much, in fact, that during a 1937 bombing, there were armed guards stationed to protect it.

There are 5 generations of this tree, so I chose to represent a leaf for each generation.  The 'father', last 450 years.  The fifth generation was planted in March 2015 at 14.  Continuing my seven, there are seven acorns.

So the eighth leaf on my world tree is the Basques Oak.

"Leaves on the World Tree: Basques Oak" Study
by Janin Wise
3" x 3" acrylic on minicanvas



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