Friday, September 2, 2016

Writing Prompt: Can Video Games Teach Moral Lessons

If I can use my kids instead... And no one will tease me for how invested we got in a video game...

*spoiler alerts for the game Fable II if you ever wanted to, but haven't already played it, don't keep reading*

So one of the few video games I've ever completed has been the Fable trilogy.

I did the second game first.  My kids were too young to be coordinated enough for most of the play themselves, but they watched me play this game from beginning to end.

Throughout, you have to make choices.  Tough, fictitious choices.

When my character was in the tower, I had the choice to feed prisoners...or let them starve to death.  But you can only feed them so long because they're going to starve to death anyway.  And so my children watched for four minutes, while I let my character do nothing, and let the prisoners starve.  My youngest actually cried.  My oldest begged me to save them.  I showed them this part was couldn't actually save them.  But aloud, I promised that if it was ever really in my power to change this so it never happened to anyone else, I/ my character would.

At the end of the game, you are given three choices:  money; to bring back all those you love (and you've lost plenty of people you love); OR to bring back all the innocent people who died since the beginning of the game.

I wanted number 2.  My kids wanted number 2.  I mean REALLY wanted option #2.

I chose number 3.  And they cried out, "Why?  Why, Momma?!"

And with tears in all of our eyes, I reminded them about the tower...And my promise.

My character would go on in a world knowing she could have brought back both her sister and her dog...And didn't, because she kept her word.

When she truly had the ability to make sure it would never happen, not only again, but ever, she kept her word.

So yes, I believe that video games can teach moral lessons.

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