Monday, June 6, 2016

Thirty Day Writing Challenge: Day 22 Your Morning Routine

With the beginning of summer full upon us, my mornings aren't really routine any more.  Most of them start some time between 2 am and 7 am, depending on whether I've been woken by my husband's alarm, a dream, an outside noise, or I'm sleeping like the dead.

If the day starts closer to the midnight portion of that scale, it will also include art in either 2D art form or writing/ editing.  There's a lot of editing going on in my first dream journal.  I'm editing the second one as it dreams along.

Once it hits about 6:15, I go hop in the shower then get dressed and feed the animals.

And then, if it's a work day, one of the kids has to get up to keep the animals company.  If it's not a work day, the animals will keep me company as I get house chores started or spend some time in the living room, maybe even eating breakfast myself.

Thirty Day Writing Challenge: Day 21 Your Horoscope and If You Think It Fits You

Ha!  A Writing Prompt that boils down to "What's Your Sign?"

I think mine fit me, but I'm not obsessed with horoscopes.  I don't check it in the paper or online.  I tend to think of it more as a baseline addition to my personality than something so easily mutable as to require daily checking.

One of my favorite parts of growing up with both Eastern and Western traditions is that my family tends to count itself as having 2 signs-- both solar and lunar.  And both of mine fit me, I think.

Thirty Day Writing Challenge: Day 20: Music Shuffle 3

Play list shuffle and first thoughts as a result
1. "Everybody Needs Love" by Drive by Truckers
2. "What is Love?" by Haddaway
3. "Brother Louie" by Hot Chocolate

the universe
practically shouts.
And what is Love,
without risk?
What is Love,
without the potential for pain?
There's great vulnerability
in opening ourselves
to love another.
But there is also
immeasurable strength
in finding our love returned.
Like breast milk
or mana from heaven,
Love renews endlessly
the more it is given.
Because sometimes,
the universe shouts.
And it's our turn to listen.

Thirty Day Writing Challenge, Day 19: Five Fears That I Have

So, first, I'm choosy about direction following (meaning I don't always.  I tend to think of them as guidelines not hard and fast rules.)  And second, I will admit to a touch of supersition.  That said, here are six of the fears that I have:

1. The safety and well being of my children and family.
2. Failure. I worry that I'm a fraud, not an artist, or writer, and that I'm a bad mom and wife, and one day everyone else will know it as well.
3. Success. I worry that if I am either an artist or writer, and actually achieve my dream of living by the work of either, it'll go to my head and I'll become a total douche.
4. Surprises. I startle incredibly easily and don't react to even good surprises well.
5. Crickets. Yes, any insect or spider that surprises me (see number 4), but crickets, even if they're not a surprise, can give me the heebie geebies.
6. I'm not afraid of heights. I'm actually pretty certain that no one is really afraid of heights. I am, however, afraid of the short, sudden, painful stop at the end of a fall from heights.

Thirty Day Writing Challenge, Day 18: Your Favorite Color and Why

Today, my favorite colors are black, red, yellow, green, blue, orange, purple, blue, silver and red.  Did I say red twice?  I did (:  I like it just a little bit more than the other ones.

In fact, I wore all these colors...and matched my umbrella today!

Because really icky weather makes me want to wear bright and sunny things to cheer myself up through the dreary.

And because I don't really have a favorite color.  My children are used to me saying, "My favorite color today is..." and my youngest has made it a game to try to guess, as the color I've got a preference for tends to feature prominently in the outfit of the day.

But I really did match my umbrella when I went out in the rain this afternoon (:  It's black with polka dots in all those colors-- and my dress is black with swirling patters in all those colors.

It made me laugh.  And the cashier at the bank told me I was like a breath of springtime in all the bad weather (:

And if that isn't a recipe for having a great rainy Monday, I don't know what is.

Thirty Day Writing Challenge, Day 17: A Quote You Try to Live By

My favorite quote, that I try to live by (with varying success): "Be noble for you are made of stars; Be humble for you are made of earth." It's a Serbian proverb.

Thirty Day Writing Challege, Day 16: Bullet Your Entire Day

Ah me!  I had planned to try to do these once every day or so, but real life gets busy, so there are about to be a LOT of posts!  Because despite my inability to blog them consistently...I still completed them all.  Now I just have to share them (;

. Wake up at 5 before the sound of the alarm clocks because the rain has started and the patter on the roof catches my attention.
. Give my husband a hug as he heads off to work.
. Attempt, unsuccessfully, to go back to sleep.
. Turn off the 6 am alarm clock and set a 6:30 alarm clock instead.
. Lay there daydreaming my to do list instead of going back to sleep.
.Get up at 6:30 and shower.
. Make sure the newest piece of art is ready to go in today.
. Feed the pets, then call up to the summer children-- one of them will need to make the sacrifice of waking before noon to keep the animals company.  My oldest volunteers.
.  Drive to work, listening to three different radio stations based on avoiding hearing particular radio personalities.
. Deliver my latest surprise me art piece (:
. Work.
. Drive home, intent to meet the husband at the car care place.
. Receive new instructions to just come home first.
. Then we drive to the car care place-- the car is due for a tune up and we're off to borrow one of his parent's vehicles.
. Segway to Popeye's for dinner first.
. Let the know it's okay that it will take three minutes to cook the spicy tenders.
. Wait patiently for fifteen minutes.
. The cook had missed our order-- and so they gave us free banana pudding for our wait (:  Patience IS a good thing!
. Visit with the parents before absconding with their truck.
. Beat my husband home on the curvy road.
. Notice that moss really DOES grow on the north side of the trees as I'm passing through town.
. Check in with the kids.
. Finish watching the last 15 minutes of Lost World: Jurassic Park with my boys-- we started it last night, but I got tired before it ended, and they chose to wait for me to see it (:
. Decide it's time to catch up on my blog posts-- 1. to finish a thing that I started! and 2. Because after the writing prompts, I have a really cool art post to make about my latest Surprise Me piece (:
. Share this post.
. Go to sleep  (Or goof off on facebook for a little more. Entirely undecided at this point.)