Monday, January 30, 2017

Lunar New Year 2017

I missed doing 2015's lunar new year zodiac (which I will be shortly making up), but I typically wait a little further into the year before I'm ready to make that year's zodiac.

So yesterday, I completed this year's piece early, only a day after the actual Lunar New Year, as I found myself, and my country, on the precarious balance of hopeful and hopeless.

This year's fire chicken is aptly based on the breed called 'phoenix'.

So today's progress photos and finished piece will also come with a side of American political advise, regardless of which "side" you support (if you'd rather, you can scroll right down to the pictures, but I think the following is worth reading):

Don't just be outraged. Be motivated. I'm about to post a series of links that can help you actually get involved. Because angry fb rants and sharing inflammatory headlines in either direction won't have any real world influences on the politics.

Right now, all of it, ALL OF IT, are bills -waiting- to happen.

So use these tools to find the ones that matter to you, track them, find out who is chairing them, and contact them. Find your representatives and contact them. By phone, by email, by letter, in person, in protest-

YOU decide.

But do the leg work and GET. INVOLVED.

Because IF these bills pass (or don't pass depending on your leaning) and you did not get involved, then YOU are equally responsible for that outcome.

We cannot, and SHOULD NOT treat these headlines like foregone conclusion, because they are not. There are between a couple of weeks and several months (depending on the bill) for us ALL to actively participate in our political processes.

These are some of the tools that will help you do it:…/presidential-actions…/nominations-and-appointments…/find-elected-officials/

And a great place to start, every time you read an article:

Use it to find the actual bill or legislature being discussed if it's not already linked in the article. Read the proposal for yourself. And proceed from there.

Politics have weighed heavily on my mind for the better part of the last six months, and heavier still in the last 10 days.  And so I decided to place my phoenix fire chicken on a page featuring both the words "Hope" and "Hopeless", as it feels like there is a lot of people teetering between the two.

Mixing colors (which I realized while painting that I don't tend to show when I do it).  I'm using atelier interactive acrylic.

After I pencil in my rough shapes, I start painting my basic outlines.  From here, all of the patterns, as always, will be freehand painted.

Initially my colors were very much towards the golden and blue black of the actual birds-- but I increased the red to accent the fire chicken aspect.

Using my 5/0 grumbacher to do the painting.

Once I completed the piece, I realized I was colored (quite literally, in fact) by my politics-- as my rooster is very much Red, White and Blue.

As we are given the choice between hope and hopeless-- I have decided to choose hope.  I know people who choose an intention or a word for their year-- and I believe that hope is going to be mine.

"Choose Hope"
by Janin Wise
6" x 10" acrylic on dictionary page

Prints and other merchandise available at my society6 store

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