Sunday, February 5, 2017

Color Your Year Calendar 2017

In December, I went looking for this year's calendar, and decided I was going to get myself a weekly planner to help me stay on top of things.  While I was looking at Barnes and Nobles, I found their Color Your Year Mindful Coloring Through the Seasons Engagement Calendar.

I had a box of gelpens someone had gotten for me, that I hadn't opened in the last year and decided this would give me 52 chances to practice, and learn how to use them.

And I thought I'd share my progress so far (:

The first page in, finishing out December.

Where I discovered I may well use drawing instead of coloring.

My least favorite one so far to complete-- in part because I was running out of my gelpens already, so my color choices were limited, and in part because of how many small detailed areas there were.  But I completed it anyway, and kinda like how it turned out.

I got new gelpens, including white, and decided that this meant I had the ability to alter the existing image as I wanted, by erasing and coloring as I decided-- this is actually supposed to be a repeating pattern that has 9 toucans in it, that should all look like the one on the lower right (the heads of two at the bottom were turned into leaves and flowers, and the tail of the one on the upper right was also turned into leaves and flowers).
This is next weeks:

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