Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Bird Whisper Project 2017: Bennu, Flamingo of Ra

This month's Bird Whisper Project bird is a Flamingo.  Each month, there is a single image chosen, and all the participating artists create a piece using the same source.  It's an amazing look at the artistic eye and how differently artists can see the same thing.

To begin, I painted the background of my otherwise creamy 4 x 6 cold pressed watercolor paper a muted beige to simulate papyrus.  Then I penciled in my rough outlines.

After that, I painted the outline and the hieroglyphics.  They were painted with a #005 grumbacher brush.  With hieroglyphics, the way the image faces determines where you read them from, so this piece is written from right to left.  They say, "Flamingo, ancient phoenix and eyes of Ra" and then I signed my name, Janin Wise.

The bennu is the Egyptian fire bird/ phoenix, and represents the god of the sun, Ra.  There are some sources that indicate it's a heron, others an eagle, and some a flamingo.  For my purposes, I chose the latter.  Especially as the flamingo was considered a living embodiment of Ra, and a sign for the color red, symbolic of the sun.  With that last in mind, I painted in the red circle in the background, which is symbolic of both the sun and the sun god, Ra.

The finished piece:

"Bennu, Flamingo of Ra" by Janin Wise
4" x 6"
Acrylic on watercolor paper

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